Weight, well-being, health: it’s a question of chemistry and behaviour, not calories!
It is necessary to know one’s own chemistry and that is it! How one reacts to some foods, either by themselves and/or in association with others is often the cause of inflammation or bloatedness. We aim to teach you to unlearn non-useful behaviours and to find one’s own food style, giving value to the uniqueness of each and every one of you.
All diets are valid but not appropriate for everyone.
We use an integrated approach to weight loss that takes into account the individuality of each of you, from a physiological, biochemical and psychological point of view.
The food style or the choice of diet to be followed in the medium or long term, are built to measure, identifying foods, diet and useful behavioural strategies.
The aim is not to revolutionize your way of eating, but to put order in what you like with personalized measures and behavioural strategies, in order to guide you to the achievement of the goals you desire.