Laser treatment



This is the only radiofrequency that works at 40.68 MHz, it acts on the skins laxity stimulating the production of collagen. Moreover the unipolar radiofrequency combined with a rotating mechanical massage improves the circulation of the subcutaneous tissue with a profound lymphatic drainage effect, useful for cellulite imperfections.
It is a completely painless treatment with visible results straight after the first sessions.


Specific treatment for skin laxity. The infrared light source is able to generate a subcutaneous heating that stimulates the production of new collagen to obtain an immediate distension of the skin and eliminate the orange peel effect.


This is a subcutaneous infiltration of medical carbon dioxide to improve microcirculation and to stimulate lymphatic and venous drainage.

Accumulations of fat:


Cryoliposculpt is a technique that allows definite reduction of the number of fat cells by exploiting low temperatures (-10 °). It works in the same way as liposuction but with the difference being that this is a non-surgical and non-invasive treatment.


Suitable for the treatment of fat accumulation.
The technology patented by Alma Lasers ™ is able to selectively treat fat cells, destroying them and leaving the surrounding tissue intact. The damaged cells are then removed through the lymphatic system.
This is a Non-invasive, completely painless treatment that allows you to obtain lasting results in only 6 sessions.


These are small injections that work with the objective to detoxify our body from excess waste, the elimination of liquids retained and, at the same time, the toning and elasticity of our skin. It can also be used to remove accumulated fat.


Alma Lasers ™ Soprano Ice laser is the most complete and effective solution suitable for all skin types including tanned skins and coloured skins. It is the only laser that can be used during the summer. Thanks to IN MOTION ™ technology, large areas such as legs and back are treated in a very short time (3-4 minutes). Thanks to Alma Lasers’ unique ICE ™ technology, the treatment is comfortable and painless.



This offers a highly effective treatment to improve skin tone, elasticity and is especially suitable for ACNE SCARS and SURFACE MARKS thanks to an ablative exfoliating technique. Unlike traditional ablative lasers that remove the entire skin layer, this laser uses a fractional system, creating microchannels of heat for the specific area, leaving the surrounding tissue intact.
This allows the skin to heal quickly and gives excellent results even after the first treatment.
The selective action of the CO2 laser allows us to remove or correct the imperfections of the facial skin, giving a toning effect and therefore tighter skin.



ACCENT ULTRA is an innovative and non-invasive anti-age treatment specific for skin laxity and wrinkle prevention. Thanks to the subcutaneous heating it stimulates the production of new collagen and fibroblasts giving the skin more tone and an immediate lifted effect.


Laser CLEAR LIFT by Alma Lasers, the real revolution in the laser world is the only one able to convey energy in the dermis, stimulating collagen, thus creating an immediate lifting effect on the skin.
The laser is used in combination with vitamins, hyaluronic acid and collagen thus determining a brighter skin, stimulating the elastic fibers and at the same time deeply hydrating it.
The treatment is completely PAINLESS, it does not LEAVE RED.



This is a specific laser for the treatment of age/liver spots by the disintegration of the melanin contained in them.
Thanks to its efficiency the treatment is fast and painless, leaving the epidermis completely intact.



This has always been considered the best technology for the removal of vascular lesions especially those related to the lower limbs such as telangiectasia, ruby angiomas and deep capillary veins. With the contact cooling of which the handpiece is equipped the treatment is more plesant for the patient.


Specific pulsed light for the treatment of vascular lesions such as couperose, rosaceae and superficial capillaries ensuring excellent clinical results without side effects.


The high power Q-Switched 1064 nm laser is ideal for removing darker ink, such as black, blue and green, while the 532nm wavelength is indicated for the treatment of tattoos of lighter colors, such as red, orange and yellow. The mechanical effect of Q-Switched is that of detroying the ink particles which then become eliminated gradually by the immune system without leaving scarring.


Sometimes normal biological processes such as childbirth and hormonal dysfunction related to aging can cause physiological changes such as involuntary loss of urine, laxity, vaginal dryness and recurring infections. This can negatively affect the quality of a women’s life, preventing them from conducting a normal lifestyle.
Femilift uses the fractional technology of CO2 laser to generate a deep thermal effect that by contracting elastic fibers, stimulates the renewal of collagen, normalizes blood flow, increases lubrication and immune barriers and makes the vaginal walls more resistant and elastic.
This treatment is quick, painless, giving immediate results and without any side effects.